Student Advisory Council Candidate for 2021/22 Registration Form

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The deadline for submitting this form is October 15, 2021.  Please note:  An e-mail of recommendation by a staff and/or faculty member must be submitted in order to complete the nomination process. 

Elected Council members must:

  • Remain enrolled for at least six (6) credit hours at Metropolitan Community college (MCC) for fall, winter and spring quarter of their one year term as a Student Advisory Council Member. 
  • Be a student at MCC and not a part time temp MCC staff member. Work Study is not categorized as employment. 

For more information contact: Shanda Clark at 

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I am currently enrolled in at least 6 credit classes
I plan to complete at least 6 credit classes per quarter during the 2021/22 fall, winter and spring calendar
I understand that I will represent all students virtually during our current Co-vid 19 situation. However, my first location that I would like to represent, if we were back on campus is...
List college activities and community involvement
List the full name of the staff/faculty member(s) that recommended you to run for the Student Advisory Council. It is your responsibility to request that the person recommending you submit by e-mail or in writing a recommendation note on your behalf

Recommendations are to be submitted by Campus mail to: FOC bldg 1, Student Affairs Email:
I am able to attend via ZOOM, if elected, the first SAC meeting on Friday, November 12, 2021 at 3pm via ZOOM.
Thank you for your submission. You should receive an e-mail confirmation within 24 hours. Please type any questions or comments below.